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Share The Blessings Of Adha And Dhul Hijjah With Rohingya Widows And Orphans.

It is exactly one year since violence and tragedy struck the Rohingya people, a stateless Muslim minority from Myanmar. Over 720,000 men, women and children were forced to flee their homes and make long journeys on foot. Under heavy monsoon rains, they crossed over rivers, mountains, and sea… all in search of safety.
Women and children make up 80% of the refugees in the camps, and there are more than 31,000 widows who became the head of their families after they witnessed their husbands killed, many before their eyes.
Now it’s the monsoon season again, and the risk of floods and landslides threatens their precarious set up and jeopardizes access to aid: their only way to survive.
UNHCR has been working tirelessly to protect these vulnerable families from facing further danger, and to provide them with their basic needs: shelter, food, and medical support. But we can’t do it without you.
A gift on Adha can help to alleviate the suffering of those who have nowhere else to turn.


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To equip classrooms with whiteboards and benches
To rehabilitate one slightly damaged classroom
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monthly will provide classrooms with whiteboards
monthly will provide classrooms with school benches
monthly will provide classrooms with whiteboards and cabinets
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