Your zakat provides warmth to Syrian refugee families

“Take from their wealth a charity

by which you purify them and cause them to increase.”

[Al Tawba:103]

“Take from their wealth a charity by which you purify them and cause them to increase.”

Seven years into the humanitarian crisis in Syria, more than 11 million Syrians have been displaced and 5.6 million refugees are now living in neighboring countries. Thousands of families suddenly lost their livelihoods and are living in deep poverty and debt. Thousands of children have been orphaned and women have been widowed, becoming the sole providers for their families.


UNHCR has been authorized to collect and distribute Zakat according to recent fatwas issued by prominent Islamic legal scholars and institutions, through consultation with Tabah Foundation.


“It is permissible to give Zakat to UNHCR for distribution to refugees and IDPs in the region. In such cases, UNHCR is considered an agent. The entirety of the collected Zakat must be distributed to eligible recipients. None of it can be used to cover operations or wages; those must be covered by other sources.”


Your Zakat is vital to thousands of Syrian refugee families in Jordan who are suffering now. Those in need will receive your Zakat through monthly cash assistance that enables them to afford food, shelter, and medical care for their families.


Fajr Capital Foundation aims to raise much-needed funds for refugees in the Middle East where your entire donation amount (100%) will directly go to the recipient without any deduction. By utilizing Iris scan technology, UNHCR provides a fast, reliable, discreet and safe way for people to fulfill their Zakat obligations, through online bank transfers and digital payments.


Give your Zakat to refugees. Help them now!


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