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Hundreds of thousands of families in the Horn of Africa face a growing risk of mass deaths from starvation due to a disastrous combination of droughts, and entrenched conflict.

Millions continue to live in unbearable circumstances; days passing with no food on their tables. Parents are drowned with distress of being unable to save their children from hunger. Thousands are walking on feet for hundreds of miles to provide their children a chance for survival.

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UNHCR is scaling up and will continue to deliver emergency nutrition, medical aid, clean water and protection to displaced families in the most affected areas – but we are facing severe funding shortfalls and we can’t do this alone.
Children and families need your help to survive another day!

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We need your support in order to: 1. Tackle rising malnutrition. 2. Provide support to malnourished refugees on arrival to UNHCR protected areas. 3. Prevent and contain diseases, which can make malnutrition worse. 4. Ensure treatment for those who are malnourished. 5. Ensure that families are protected in the Longer Term. 6. Provide support for pregnant women and new mums.

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