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Share the blessings of Adha with Refugee Orphans

Child-friendly accommodation

Trained staff to care for them

Nutritious food

Medical care and counselling

Access to education

And reunite children with family or carers

Share The Blessings Of Adha With Refugee Orphans.

There are thousands of refugee children who will celebrate Adha this year, without the love and protection of their parents. Today, please share the blessings of Adha with them, and help these innocent children to smile again!

The number of children who have fled conflict on their own has exceeded 111,000, and this horror continues every year, every day, and every hour. They are forced to embark on dangerous journeys with no-one to protect them; falling prey to malnutrition and disease, violence, abuse and exploitation.

With one generous gift on Eid Al Adha, you can be there for these children as soon as they come into UNHCR’s care and protection, and help give them everything they need for a bright future.

Thank you for the great job you do in helping refugees across the region and for giving people like me the chance to contribute. Wish you all the best.
Assad from Dubai, a committed donor.

How would you like to donate?

can help ensure refugee children without parents get back to school

can help cover the costs of family tracing and reunite children with their families

will help to provide cash support to the carers of an orphan


Please make sure the amount is between 1 and 20,000 USD

This monthly gift goes to the most vulnerable families

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can help offer psychological support to children coping with loss and trauma

can provide the carers of orphans with one month of vital cash support

can help provide children arriving alone at with emergency rescue kits


Please make sure the amount is between 1 and 20,000 USD

For bank transfer donations please click here.

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