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A message from our staff: It takes a village

August 19, 2022

I often write to you asking for support either in helping refugee families, to inform you about an emergency or to share updates on the impact of your donation. But today is unlike any other day, as we mark World Humanitarian Day, and on this occasion, I wanted to share with you a message of…

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Khaled Khalifa: “The moment may come when we feel helpless in doing more for people in need. I tell you that your donations make a big difference every day.”

June 4, 2021

In an interview to discuss the strategic partnerships and close cooperation with the GCC countries, Khaled Khalifah, the Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to the States of the Gulf Cooperation highlights on the impact of establishing projects and coordinating basic humanitarian efforts with governmental and humanitarian agencies in the GCC that are changing lives of…

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