Message One

December 30, 2020

Take a minute and think about those around you, and you will find many refugee and internally displaced families and families in need who live among us, to whose condition or challenges we may not be aware of. If you know of one of these families, then take it upon yourself to ask one of their members about their condition. If they welcome you to inspect the conditions of their homes, then take it as a message for you to know about the extent of their suffering, use it as an inspiration and decide that you have a role in helping this family as much as possible and in bettering their circumstances.. They may just need to protect themselves from a broken window, or may need a door to secure them, so be of help to them.

Know that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “He who has an extra mount should give that to one who has no mount for him, and he who has surplus of provisions should give them to him who has no provisions.” (Sahih Muslim)