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Message Twenty One

January 20, 2021

Given the suffering of many refugees and people in need during the winter season, and their lack of access to sufficient winter clothing and blankets, you can, with a group of friends and relatives, help charities in collecting aid from people around you who have items they can donate and support in their distribution amongst…

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Message Twenty

January 19, 2021

Solidarity and fraternity are two values that make us human. Take the initiative, along with your friends and your neighbors, and install if possible, donation boxes in your neighborhood, through which passerby’s can donate clothes and blankets that they do not need. You can place a sign indicating that that which is in the boxes…

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Message Nineteen

January 18, 2021

The needs of refugees and families in need increase day after day during the winter season, especially in terms of winter clothes and thick blankets. You can, with help from your relatives, friends or acquaintances, sow some clothes or blankets to ward off the freezing cold from those in need and their children, even if…

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Message Eighteen

January 17, 2021

In wanting to serve refugees and families in need during winter, have you thought to call clothing and blankets stores, as well as major factories and warehouses, to urge them to help provide winter clothing to those who need it most? They may have what you can collect to donate and distribute to those in…

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Message Seventeen

January 16, 2021

Many refugees and people in need depend almost completely on aid, including winter clothing, blankets and heating, to protect themselves from the cold during winter months. You can directly contribute to helping them by allocating some clothes and blankets to the needy in your neighborhood. Make sure they are in good condition and invite your…

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Message Sixteen

January 15, 2021

During the winter season, many refugees and families in need suffer from little or no heating and lack adequate winter clothing and blankets to protect them from the bitter cold. Have you ever thought about what these people feel when they find themselves unable to protect themselves and their children from the cold? While many…

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Message Fifteen

January 15, 2021

Now you are aware of what refugees and families in need require in terms of food and nutrition. If you are still unable to provide them with some of these necessities, you can inform people around you of their situation, including through social media, and convey to them the methods that we previously mentioned to…

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Message Fourteen

January 13, 2021

In light of food insecurity faced by many refugees and families in need, which affects their ability to secure meals for themselves on a regular and sufficient basis & protect themselves from malnutrition, especially during the winter season, the solution may lie in a continuing charity that you can contribute to, for example, by providing…

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Message Thirteen

January 12, 2021

Many refugees, internally displaced persons and people in need struggle constantly and daily to provide food and sustenance for their families and children. You might be unable to provide them with the necessary help, but you can always check up on them and ask them what they need, and in that way becoming an ambassador…

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Message Twelve

January 11, 2021

An invitation to show solidarity with those in need, especially in these difficult times, brings blessing and reward to those who give, and rest and fulfilment for those who receive. Solidarity is not limited to providing financial or in-kind assistance, but also extends to simple human gestures that bring happiness to the hearts of others….

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