How OBCIDO Inc. is Supporting Afghan Refugees

January 18, 2022

Last August, the United States withdrew troops from Afghanistan. The world watched in horror as crowds took to the airstrips to flee an unsettling and volatile future. Those who fled have now become Afghan refugees. Out of the ones left behind, 3.5 million people have become internally displaced, uncertain about their future having to survive the harshest living conditions.

Having experienced displacement at first hand being born a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, it is only the support and kindness of people that can save vulnerable and desperate lives. I have seen on UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) field visits in Lebanon, Jordan, and Bangladesh the harsh situations lived by millions of refugees, and the critical situation that requires our collective humanitarian help.

As the number of people forcibly displaced in the world has risen to 82.4 million, there are many ways for us to get involved and provide support. From raising awareness to donating to UNHCR, it is a humanitarian duty to show solidarity to the most vulnerable.

The company I have been chairing, OBCIDO Inc, is a Marketing and Web Solutions US corporation made of a diverse team in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. As a responsible corporate citizen, OBCIDO launched the Afghanistan Relief Program – for Afghan refugees. The program has different ways of support.

Employment Opportunities for Refugees

Applicants qualified in web development, content production, or graphic design can apply to join our team and work from one of OBCIDO’s offices or remotely. Program information is available on

Support to Afghan Refugees

Second, we wish to extend our support to the estimated 3.5 million Afghans currently displaced internally. In appreciation to each client that OBCIDO works with, we are donating to an Afghan family through UNHCR. We will secure shelter and core relief items for a displaced family through a monthly contribution to UNHCR direct.

Today more than ever before, UNHCR needs our help. The agency has announced the Afghanistan emergency response to protect the most vulnerable and assist newly displaced Afghans with life-saving shelter, food, water, and core relief items, both within Afghanistan and in neighboring countries. This comes in addition to many other UNHCR emergency campaigns like that for the Winter season. Millions of people across the MENA region have been forced to flee over the last decade, seeking safety as refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and beyond, or some becoming displaced within their own countries. As we approach the winter season, schools, mosques and even shelled-out buildings are overflowing with desperate families seeking safety and warmth. Thousands more are forced to sleep under trees or out in the open in sub-zero temperatures. UNHCR desperately needs our help as this humanitarian crisis spreads across the globe.

The world is constantly facing challenges. It is only with unity and humanity that we survive these unprecedented times. At OBCIDO, we call for other corporations to get involved and include humanitarian support as part of the corporate values. It is then that we can ensure we are on the right path of recovery from the atrocities our world is witnessing.

We hope that this program we’ve implemented at OBCIDO inspires other corporations to support UNHCR at these crucial times. This is a token of hope, solidarity, and humanity.

By Chaker Khazaal