The Many Different Ways YOU Can Help Refugee This Ramadan.

May 7, 2021

Every second in Ramadan is a chance to do good! That is why we are sharing the many different ways you can support refugees, from this Ramadan until the next, and help secure shelter, food, water, and medicine for those in need. I am speaking of the children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents who are longing for the chance to live normal, happy lives.

UNHCR already identified the most vulnerable families, from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, to Iraq, Yemen, Bangladesh, Mauritania and Nigeria, through a concise vulnerability assessment programme coordinated worldwide. In Ramadan, we are aiming to be a bridge bringing closer those who want to help with those who are most in need.

  1. Give your Sadaqah:
    • Visit and donate through UNHCR’s Ramadan online page and remember that it takes seconds to save a family facing hunger this Ramadan.
    • You can choose any amount you’d like to give, and you can choose where you want to dedicate your donation through a dropdown list.
    • 180$ can help 1 refugee for a full year with warm food and safe shelter while $900 helps a refugee family of 5 members for a full year. Any amount you donate will help us reach more refugees.

      Um Mahmoud a 60 year old women who received a brand new Kitchen set from UNHCR during the holy month of Ramadan 2019, “I will cook today’s Iftar to my 25 family members with the new Kitchen set I received” Said Um Mahmoud, she was so happy with tears in her eyes when she opened the new kitchen set.
  2. Dedicate your Zakat through UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund: 100% of your Zakat funds will reach eligible families, and you will be able to track where your money goes.
    • Download and donate through the GiveZakat App
    • You can also invite your family, friends and contacts to download the GiveZakat APP and use it for Sadaqah and Zakat giving throughout the year.
    • You can also give your Zakat directly through our trusted website.
    • You can also visit this page and send your Zakat Al Fitr to refugee families most in need.

      Jordan / A Syrian refugee scans her iris at a branch of Cairo Amman Bank in the Jordanian capital. Jordan is the first country in the world to use iris scan technology to enable refugees to access monthly cash assistance provided by UNHCR. December 2014
  3. Join the Major Donor Community
    Make a Major Gift today so you can empower refugees and help them to rebuild their lives again.

  4. Join the “Giving Code” crowdfunding challenge

    • If you want to have a strong impact, you can join with your friends and family our crowdfunding challenge, all you have to do is:
    • Visit the Page – Donate – After you donate, you will receive by email a personalized code for you – Then you can share this code with your network so they can donate in your name.
    • By the end of Ramadan, UNHCR will celebrate your achievements by sending special tokens of appreciation to selected people who show outstanding dedication and effort to help us achieve the biggest impact possible for refugees.


  5. Become a Monthly Donor
    When you choose to make a monthly donation, you stand hand in hand with a refugee family not just today or tomorrow, but until they can rebuild their lives again. Monthly donations, regardless of their amount, are particularly special to us because they provide steady, regular support – allowing us to plan our work more confidently and effectively.

  6. Sign- up to be an advocate on
    If you can’t donate right now, but you are still interested in supporting refugees, click here to sign-up by adding your name to the largest community of people educating, advocating and donating in support of refugees.

Whether you have few seconds or more, #EverySecondCounts in Ramadan, in the lives of those forced to flee. Please help any way you can! You have more questions on how you can help? Message us via Facebook Messenger here

Aya El Hibri
Campaigns and Advocacy team at UNHCR MENA