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On blessed Fridays, help refugees in need

Automate your weekly Friday donations

“Giving Sadaqah on Friday is better than giving it on any other day of the week.”

Your Friday giving can now be automated – set your preferred donation amount below.

Friday is when the rewards of Sadaqah and good deeds are magnified. As you help those in need today, remember forcibly displaced people who struggle every day to provide food, water and safe shelter for their families.

Automate your Sadaqah and Friday donations through our “Friday Giving” programme, and help displaced people in need, especially the families of widows, orphans and the elderly, with on-going support. Donations will be delivered as cash assistance to the most vulnerable refugees and internally displaced people in Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh (for Rohingya refugees), to help them afford their basic needs.

Donate on the best of days and leave a lasting impact on those who need it most.

Note: complying to technicalities, and unless your first manual donation coincides to be on a Friday, your second donation will be automated starting next Friday.

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About Friday Giving

Your donations provide cash assistance to the most vulnerable displaced people 

Secures food and water for 1 person every week

Secures food and water for 2 persons every week

Secures food and water for a family every week


Please make sure the amount is between 5 and 20,000 USD

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