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Yemen is on the Brink of Famine

Millions need your support

Yemenis displaced by conflict are four times more likely to face hunger

Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Six years of conflict have been devastating for millions of people, leaving more than 20 million people reliant on humanitarian aid to survive.

“We live on a day to day basis, never knowing how we will feed ourselves.” Lubna, a displaced Yemeni mother.

Continuing conflict, the deteriorating economy and the negative impact of COVID-19 have resulted in 11 million people facing crisis levels of food insecurity today; and 5 million Yemenis are now at the brink of famine.

UNHCR is dedicated to supporting those in need but our essential programmes are critically underfunded.

Without an urgent surge of support, millions of lives will be at risk.


By donating today, you can help families in Yemen access:

  • Cash assistance to help displaced families pay for food, rent and medicine
  • Relief items such as shelter kits, mattresses and blankets

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Please make sure the amount is between 1 and 20,000 USD

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Did you know that you can dedicate your Zakat?

UNHCR provides you a trusted and efficient route to fulfil your Zakat obligation through helping eligible displaced Yemeni families.
With a 68-year+ track record in assisting refugees throughout the world and a pioneering cash assistance programme, UNHCR is uniquely positioned to ensure that 100% of your Zakat reaches the most vulnerable as cash or in kind support, allowing families to cover their basic expenses such as rent, food and clean water.

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