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5 years to the Rohingya refugee crisis

Thousands still need your support to stay under safe shelters.

Rohingya refugees need your help as monsoon season peaks.

The misery of over 700,000 Rohingya refugees has been ongoing since August 25th 2017, when they were forced to flee violence and persecution in Myanmar. Thousands of families had to leave their homes and villages, walking barefoot for miles through mountains, fields and rivers, and under heavy monsoon rains, searching for safety.

They now face the monsoon season currently in its peak in Bangladesh; a season that has caused a lot of suffering and misery for refugee families residing in Cox’s Bazar district. Today, thousands need support and shelter to stay safe from possible floods and landslides.

“I felt helpless, I didn’t understand where to go. The water was rising so fast that we couldn’t go back. Most of our belongings were washed away.” Meher, a Rohingya grandmother who was affected by the monsoon last year.

Last year’s monsoon rains and floods tragically left many casualties among refugees and Bangladeshis, in addition to causing destruction and damage to thousands of shelters, medical centres, distribution points, roads and pathways.

This year, UNHCR is working to provide lifesaving assistance and along with the maintenance and improvement of shelters, public facilities, and water and sanitation networks. Additionally, volunteer refugee emergency responders, trained by UNHCR, stay ready to provide support and continue to spread awareness amongst families in the camps on how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.


will provide weatherproof shelters to protect refugee families.

will help to sink a well and provide clean water to refugee families.

will supply vaccinations to protect children from dangerous diseases.


Please make sure the amount is between 1 and 20,000 USD

This monthly gift goes to the most vulnerable families

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shelters 3 families who lost their house in the monsoon.

shelters 2 families who lost their house in the monsoon.

shelters a family who lost their house in the monsoon.


Please make sure the amount is between 1 and 20,000 USD

For bank transfer donations please click here.

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Donate to help Rohingya Refugees