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Warm a Heart and Home this Winter

Families Warmed
Families in Need of Warmth

With the onset of the winter season, refugees and internally displaced families face the bitter cold, with shrinking resources. Global Citizen Forum has partnered with UNHCR, to provide winter aid and warm the homes and hearts of those forced to flee their homes in search of safety.

Refugee hosting countries have some of the coldest winters in the MENA region, and face sub-zero temperatures, flooding, and storms. This year, living conditions of thousands of displaced families has deteriorated as they struggle to cope with rising fuel and food prices. Unable to support the additional cost of heating, home insulation, warm clothes, and/or sickness during the cold months, families are forced to make decisions to cut back on food, medicine, and other necessities.

In our effort to reach the most vulnerable families, our winterization programme faces funding challenges that leave many refugee families and children at risk. Your donation will help provide them with shelter, warmth, food, and medicine.

#WarmTheirHearts and Homes

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