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Emergency Appeal: Africa Floods

Send relief and shelter support

Nearly 1.3 million have been affected so far, and are in urgent need of shelter and relief.

Heavy rainfall across the East and Horn of Africa has gravely affected communities, causing widespread flooding and forcing people to flee their homes.

Please donate today to provide life-saving aid to families who have lost everything.

In addition to destroying hundreds of thousands of houses, schools and community buildings, flooding and landslides across the region including in Kenya, Burundi and Somalia, have washed away crops and killed livestock, putting people in danger of hunger, infection, and disease.

UNHCR is on the ground and is working directly with governments and local authorities to move people to safer areas and set up emergency shelters. While core relief items have already been distributed, there is an urgent need for additional support to help the countless vulnerable families affected.

Heavy rains and extreme climate events are expected to continue in the coming months, putting more even lives at risk.

Please donate today.

Provides a tent as an emergency shelter for a family displaced by the flooding

Provides core relief items kits to 2 families who lost their home and possessions

Provides core relief items kit to a family who lost their home and possessions


Please make sure the amount is between 5 and 20,000 USD

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