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Help those Hardest Hit by Hunger

Across the Horn of Africa, Thousands are in Urgent Need

Caught in a desperate hunger crisis, refugees and displaced families across the Horn of Africa are in dire need of life-saving aid.

23 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are highly food insecure, facing severe hunger and water shortages.

The worst hit by the global economic downturn, the region faces a food supply depletion and frequent price hikes on food essentials. The combined effect of the ongoing conflict, drought, and climate change, made food insecurity a devastating reality, forcing families to flee.

With barely anything to call their own, these refugees now face unimaginable adversities. In grave need of shelter, medicine and core relief items, the hunger crisis means they also struggle to provide food for their families. They are amongst the Hardest Hit by Hunger.

Your support can provide some measure of relief to those in desperate need.

As this humanitarian crisis worsens, your help will mean these families have the food and essentials they need to survive.

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Can support a whole family with cash for a month to help them by what they need most

Can provide a family with seeds and tools to set up kitchen gardening for a season

Can help feed a family with nutritious fruits and vegetables for a month


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