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Saudi German Hospital family, we invite you to be part of this positive movement of creating Tertiary Education opportunities for young refugees. Join us in the “Aiming Higher Challenge” and support young people in funding their education and providing scholarships to make a difference in the world: the goal is to raise the refugee participation in tertiary education from 3% to 15% over the next 10 years.

Aiming Higher: Fund University Scholars and Change the lives of 70 Talented Young Refugees

My name is Wea’am in 2014 I was forced to leave my country Syria and come to Lebanon due to the constant fear of death, I was forced to leave my home, my friend and my school where I used to feel safe, it was a tough and hard decision that still brings me to tears when I think about it.

Once we arrived to Lebanon, we registered with UNHCR, I wanted to continue my education but knew that this was challenging due to many obstacles some of them are the language, the bullying, the option to go to university, how will I be able to cope with a new culture, where is my self-confidence that I lost in Syria, how will I be able to afford it and will my psychological state allows me to.

I knew that for me to build a life I need to study, therefore I registered with UNHCR for their higher education scholarships and I was accepted. I now study computer science. My dream is to study abroad and be able to stand someday on a large stage to share my story and challenges and to encourage everyone to continue working to achieve their dreams. I am on my way to start in the labor market, I know there are a lot of refugees like myself and with your support you will be able to give them the chance I had.

You as well can help a refugee with their Higher education and empower them to be able to join the labour market and be able to live with dignity.

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