Message Eight

January 7, 2021

Did you know that many refugees and families in need are threatened by food insecurity? Did you ever think about a person to whom and to whose family food is a matter of life and death? The lack of food, in many cases, can force them to adopt coping mechanisms that can negatively impact their health and quality of life. Stop and think about those in need, then look for ways you can help and assist them, especially during the cold winter season. Perhaps by doing so, you can save a life, or put a smile on the face of a hungry child. Also know that reward comes from action, for as the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Indeed in Paradise there are chambers, whose outside can be seen from their inside, and their inside can be seen from their outside.” A Bedouin stood and said: ‘Who are they for, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “For those who speak well, feed others, fast regularly, and perform salat [for Allah] during the night while people sleep.”