Heavy snowstorm puts refugees lives at risk

February 18, 2021
While you are reading these lines, a mother and a father are exhausted. They are relentlessly trying to remove and clean the tonnes of snow that didn’t spare their home. As if living in displacement, in poverty, and the challenges of COVID-19 were not enough, another winter storm is hitting refugee families across the region.

Footages were taken at an informal settlement in Lebanon on February 17th 2021 

Right now, the region has been hit by extreme winter weather, with heavy snow fall, rain and freezing temperatures affecting all of us, but especially refugees.

Over the past week, people were urged to take precautions and prepare for the coldest week of the year. But it’s a constant struggle to stay warm and dry as the storm intensifies for the most vulnerable families shivering in makeshift tents, abandoned buildings and poor urban areas.

“The tents are leaking water from the sky to the floor from day to night, sometimes we wake up at night to remove our mattresses from the water.” Nasser, a displaced Syrian father.

UNHCR has worked tirelessly since September to help refugees prepare for the winter months and are on the ground now throughout the storm. Today your support is much needed to respond to the emergency needs of refugee families.

Your help today can keep a family safe, dry, and warm, you can Warm Their Hearts